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Communities are shaped by our cultural institutions – civic buildings, city halls, museums, concert halls, theaters and libraries. These structures express the art of architecture becoming cherished landmarks. 

  • Beacon Hill Library has a commanding presence as the focal point of the commercial district on the hill. The “art” of Beacon Hill is its dramatic form and materials – floating curved metal roofs,   natural slate shingle cladding and light filled interiors.   

  • Timberland Regional Library is in a rural community - set into the rain forest.  The form relates to the old mill sheds of the peninsula logging industry. The library is surgically inserted into the natural landscape of mature trees with deep views into the quiet forest.  

The original librarian said that the new library reminded her of the old “outhouses” - the scale of the lapped metal siding was similar to the “royal” split cedar shingle siding used back then…...  We knew then that we had “captured” the spirit of the place!

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