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Living and working environments should be specifically designed for each unique individual living/ working pattern and preference– keeping flexibility of change over time in mind. One desirable model for living is the “loft” – spacious open light-filled environments.  Lofts are simpler spaces and can have  roof decks and outdoor gathering and gardening spaces - a “habitat” for living indoors and out. 


  • The idea of creating loft living in both new and renovated houses was the concept behind the Leschi, the Menish and the Meyer houses. 

  • The Leschi house was a basic builder-burger house built with stock plans. The house was gutted, a new metal bedroom box inserted into the south side. The result is a spacious open 2 story space with roof decks, outdoor patio and veggie garden – a close to urban “habitat” for living.

  • Compounds and clusters are also desirable living models like the Langley Boathouse project illustrated above.

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