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Art is an integral part of life. The creation of art is the exploration, the play, the invention, the discovery, the mistakes in the creative process. It is important to make the arts visible – not only art on display but also the “making” of art.  Places to make art require large open light-filled flexible studio spaces with outdoor space as well as indoor space.

  • The Wasatch Academy Studio Arts building was created in a former car dealership building that had a large warehouse space formerly used as the car repair shop. The building is an open loft space with mezzanine. It houses five studios - painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and ceramics.

  • The Evergreen Arts Lab addition “fits” into the campus architecture. The new facility has studios properly sized for each art discipline and filled with perfectly oriented natural light for making art. The wood shop roof is a series of north facing sawtooth skylights that provide adequate natural light for work during the day.    

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