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The “architectural works” is focused on the art, the craft and the function of design at all levels – from the macro to the micro – the design of urban places/town centers/campuses, the architecture of buildings/complexes and the design of objects. The “works” functions as a studio, workshop and research lab.  


Programming is the initial stage of the process. We want to gain an understanding of the intention of all parties thru interviews, discussion, and research. We then go back to the roots of that human activity and need to find the “essence” of the design task at hand - a method that “reinvents” what is considered to be the convention - creating new more current models and forms.


Our goal is to create a project that meets a client’s desires and needs - a project that is a positive addition to the community – a project that explores the art of architecture in unexpected ways – a project that is so logical, so natural and seemingly irreducible that it could be only this way – that it could only be in this place.

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